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Mawar Salon provides you with professional wedding make ups in a traditional way.As we are a growing balinese family business, we know what we talking about.

We offer you 3 different Balinese wedding apparel styles, which depend  on the region and one’s social standing. The first is the so called “payas agung and payas madya”.the second one is called “payas nista” and as third version we can offer you a modificationed style, which is used by the modern balinese generation in these times.
The progress of developement make sure that anyone is allowed to wear payas agung or payas madya that were once only worn by the king’s family members.A lot of bridal houses are creating new styles by modifying the existing Balinese wedding apparel.Feel free to determine which style and from which area you wish to have your wedding apparel.
Balinese wedding styles got a huge variety and are rich in symbols, aesthetic, and phylosophical values in every form and colour. For example.The golden-coloured hairpieces are beauty symbols. White and yellow=cempaka (the champac) flowers, green=the sandat (the ylang-ylang) flowers symbolize the Hindu gods Brahma, Wisnu and Siwa. Red= gecek(the red dot on the forehead,well known from indian culture), symbolizes purity, while the dagger and its sheath is tucked on the back or waist of the bridegroom for a courageous and handsome appearance symbolizing the unity of a man and a woman. The golden rays dominating the traditional Balinese wedding apparel will make you look elegant and exotic.A well known form to wear for Hindu or Protestant weddings.

See Balinese blessing experience package


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